Dallas Museum Of Art

Dallas Museum Of Art (DMA) was designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes and was established in 1903. It’s the largest museum in Dallas and covers an area as large as 370,000 sq. Ft. It’s the best place to visit for art lovers and houses over 23,000 masterpieces collected over time.

Jewelry, paintings, artifacts, and sculptures housed in the Dallas Museum Of Art have been collected not only from Dallas but from other parts of the world too. Let us take a quick look at what this museum has to offer its visitors.

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Kusama’s Mirror Room

An Infinity mirror room is a unique room that offers a mesmerizing experience. This installation lets the visitor immerse in the endless reflections. Yayoi Kusama enhanced the beauty of this room using yellow-orange dotted squash and black rows, reflecting the whole room. It’s a unique display found only in Dallas / Fort Worth area, and you are sure to appreciate the artistry and design of Kusama’s Mirror Room.

However, there can only be two visitors at a time in Kusama’s Mirror Room, and you’ll also need a $16 exhibition ticket. The exhibition is always fully booked, make sure you book a ticket to this exhibition well in advance to immerse in the beauty of this room.

Museum Of Art in Dallas

Coco Chanel’s Villa & the Gates

Wendy and Emery Reves sent their donation of modern paintings, impressionists, sculptures, and others from their public collection to the Dallas Museum Of Art in 1985. These collections were preserved in Coco Chanel’s Villa. The 5-room villas were once owned by designer Coco Chanel and later recreated into a 16500 sq. Ft. museum wing.

Some of the other artworks in the villa are from Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne, and Monet. Another fascinating feature in Coco Chanel’s Villa is the Plaster Doors referred to as “The Gates of Hell” in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

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If You in Dallas Grab a Cup of Coffee at DMA Café

DMA Café is located within Hamon Atrium near the North Entrance of Dallas Museum. From the café, visitors can enjoy farm-fresh food with locally sourced ingredients. Whether you need a glass of wine or a bottle of soda, you’ll always find something worth your coin. Other beverages available include bottled water, iced tea, drip coffee, hot tea, and beer.

They also have a grab-and-go menu where customers can opt for wraps as well as snacks. They also offer a 10% discount on non-alcoholic beverages and food for members. If you schedule your visit on Sundays or Saturdays, you can buy mimosas for as low as $6.

Shop in Dallas DMA

Besides looking at the significant artwork preserved in the Museum Of Art, you can also visit the DMA shop to buy something to take back home. They have numerous affordable and very attractive options to choose from. One can buy textiles, prints, gifts, jewelry, and children’s items from this shop. Due to Covid19, only six people are allowed in the shop which also includes the staff. Also, all guests are expected to make a contactless payment.

Address: 1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: +1 214-922-1200

Director: Agustín Arteaga

Founded: 1903

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