Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo is one of the most significant zoological experiences in Texas. It is situated at 106 acres of land and houses thousands of animals. The zoo offers numerous activities for families, kids, and adults to indulge in. This place has many amazing attractions- the yellow rose express train, play barn, shooting gallery, simulators and whatnot. in Dallas zoo.  This zoo is a wonderful place to have a fun-filled unforgettable experience.

Dallas Zoo

Address: 650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203

Phone: 469-554-7501

No. of animals: 2,000+

Opened: 1888

Getting to the zoo

The construction and some temporary road closures are available around the zoo. You are provided with maps to go haywire and explore the wildlife. A guide and map are provided for getting to the zoo and planning your route for visiting different attractions.  This is just the best place to experience wildlife in its most natural habitat.

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Backstage Safari

Backstage Safari provides an experience of Dallas zoo like never before. The zoologist available will take you on a 90 minute guided tour and give you an insight scoop. You will get to observe nature and wildlife closely. The backstage safari is one of the best experiences of the zoo, you also get complimentary digital photos of your fun-filled experience and conservation wristbands.

Interact with birds in an aviary

Dallas Zoos has an interactive aviary that allows children to interact with birds. The visitors are able to walk into the place that is home to more than two dozen species of bird. Children can have a magnificent sight as the birds swoop and soar above their heads. The place is open for limited hours each day, so it is important to schedule your visit accordingly.

Catch a show at the wild and counters stage

You can catch a show at the wild and counters stage in Dallas zoo with the animals of the zoo. The shows are scheduled for an hour or half an hour throughout the day. The presentation provides a completely different experience to the visitors. Specialists showcase a wide variety of animal species onto the stage to provide an amazing experience to all the visitors.

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Twilight Safari hike at night

You can try a hike at night during the holiday season. Dallas Zoo twinkles at night with more than one million lights. Families can enjoy musical night and animals show in the Zoo. Visitors usually pay an additional fee to join the twinkling lights at the Dallas Zoo. The twilight safari is a great idea to enjoy the Dallas night sky.

Dallas zoo is not just another typical zoo, it has activities and attractions for people of all age groups. It is a great place to enjoy a day out with family, friends, or with your loved ones, visitors are sure to have a delightful experience while being at the zoo and indulging in different activities.

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